How to search on E2E

This thread contains E2E search tips and tricks. This should help users take better advantage of the capabilities that are available in the E2E Search feature.

E2E uses the SOLR search engine. Apache SOLR is an open source search platform built upon a Java library called Lucene. SOLR is a popular search platform for Web sites. SOLR users include:, Cnet, CitySearch, Netflix, Zappos, Stubhub!, AOL, digg, eTrade, Disney, Apple, NASA, MTV, and

Supported Search Syntax

SOLR supports the following search syntax. These search operations can be combined.

Operation Example Description
* reg* * Is a wildcard that indicates any content can be contained in its place, such as "registered," "registering," or "registration."
AND registration AND class AND indicates that the terms before and after it must be included in the results.
OR registration OR class OR indicates that either term before or after it can be included in the results.
Quotes/Grouping "client API" Quotes indicate that the exact phrase contained in them must be included in results.
Field query title:enrollment Fields narrow results by type, for example "type:forum."
+ +registration class + Indicates a required term in the results. In the example shown, the word "registration" must appear in the search results
- registration -event - Indicates a term that must be omitted from results. In the example shown, the word "event" must not appear in the search results.

The default behavior for the search box is "OR". For example, typing in msp430 clock jitter will return posts containing any of those three terms, as well as combinations of them.

To return posts containing the exact phrase "msp430 clock jitter", add the quotes as shown. This will return any posts containing this exact phrase.

To return posts containing all three search terms, you would use the AND function: msp430 AND clock AND jitter.

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