Texas SOIC 8 pin chip 23701


I need to replace a surface mount chip made by Texas. Unfortunately, all I have on the chip are the numbers 23701 and 57M and the Texas logo and It is an 8 pin SOIC package.

I have contacted Texas and Googled it to no avail and the manufacturer of the instrument is not willing to divulge any information either.

If anyone can offer any idea/information to trace this component it would be most appreciated.



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  • Hi, Tony,

    Unfortunately, that sounds like a custom marking that the customer has requested us to put on their parts.

    So, I'm afraid your only avenue of recourse to go back to the manufacturer and ask them to buy a replacement IC from them, or send the unit back to them for service.

    You think this is an audio amp? Most of the audio amps in the SOIC package use a pretty standard pin-out, you could try tracing the circuit out and figuring out which part might be a replacement if you don't want to go back to the manufacturer.


    Best regards,

    Don Dapkus

    Gate Driver Applications Engineering Manager

    Dallas, TX USA