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TPA3116D2: Component selection for portable speaker

Part Number: TPA3116D2

I'm designing an amp for a portable speaker.  2 Ch X 2 Ohm load.  Wattage handling of the driver is TBD, but expected up to 100W/ch, but 40=60W/ch may be the final for this application.  

Options I'm considering

TPA3116D2 qty 2 in PBTL 

TPA3128D2 qty 2 in PBTL 

TPA3244 qty 1 in PBTL 

Is there others that should be considered?

Why does the TPA3116D2 have a higher wattage rating over TPA3128D2  when the 3128 has lower RDSon?

If using TPA3116D2 "filter-free", are here concerns running at higher power?