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PCM1754: Group delay characteristic

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Part Number: PCM1754


My customer cares about the group delay characteristic of PCM1754.


I showed this thread to my customer. He said that he needs flat group delay characteristic which can cover DC region because he wants to use this for modulation purpose.

Was the evaluation performed with high-pass filter? Does PCM1754 have flat group delay characteristic?



  • Hi Itoh-san,

    I assume this measurement was done with a high-pass filter.  I can try to measure this today or tomorrow morning.  I need to verify if my instrument is capable of this measurement.  

    Can you tell me more about the application?


  • In reply to Paul_Frost:

    Hi Paul-san,

    The application is analog wireless communication.



  • In reply to Kazuki Itoh:

    Hello Itoh-san,

    I have tried to evaluate this in my lab and unfortunately, my equipment does not have this measurement capability. My understanding is that this device has a static filter delay, while will impact the phase response.  At lower frequencies, the phase should have the least amount of shift, so the group delay (the derivative of the phase response) should be flat in that region.