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I am building a 4.1 platform  and I was using the demo board in a 48 pro 2.1 configuration for testing  purposes.

In that configuration the sub channel is driven off the I2S  output from amp 1 and the EQ setting apply to both amps. .

What I want to do is also drive another stereo amp off the the same I2S output of amp one .

Is this possible? I know that the woofer crossover and be bypass in amp one,so that isn't a problem , but it appears the the left and right signals are being summed and fed to the left in of the sub amplifier ( PBTL).

As aside, it appears the the process flow document has not been revised for the 48k 2.1 pro ( process 12).

  • Hello Richard,

    If you are using the 2.1 configuration the SDOUT will only have the woofer data and only output data on the left channel, so you cannot use stereo using the 2.1 configuration SDOUT.

    Best Regards,