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TLV320DAC3203: Output level driving differential BTL - audio transformer

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Part Number: TLV320DAC3203


I would like to understand the Mono output of the TLV320DAC3203 Codec in BTL configuration for driving audio transformer.

Referring to page# 8 in the datasheet of TLV320DAC3203 device, it states that Full scale output is 1778mVrms. Questions, How do we get 1.778Vrms (2.5 Peak or 5Vp-p) with LDIin = 3V ? Can you share more details?

I have attached the our functional block diagram of the circuit. Our requirement is, the output voltage of the transformer (transformer is 1:1, 600 impedance) shall be 1.56Vrms. Question, If I power the codec with 3.3V supply and as per attached circuit, Can I get output 1.56Vrms voltage? Do you see any issues?

Thank you