PCM5122EVM-U: Error Message: Wait for CP voltage valid

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Part Number: PCM5122EVM-U

For PCM5122EVM, we don't utilize the DIGITAL SECTION, so we remove all the jumpers of W3 and W4. The external MCU provides the signals such as I2C, I2S and other control signals. But we got the error message "Wait for CP voltage valid". The settings, parameters and waveform are as following.


MODE2: H (3.3V)


SCK: 5.64MHz

BCK: 705.8KHz

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  • Hi Benson,

    Can you confirm your clock values? You are using a fS = 22kHz, correct? Then BCK = 32×fs, while SCK = 256×fS?

    So you must configure the clock tree to support these rates, are you doing that?

    The device will only be able to auto-configure the clock tree for the below clock combinations.  As 22.05kHz is not on that list, you will need to use table 133 to configure the clock tree.

    Can you confirm the voltage on the VNEG pin?