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TSW14J56EVM: Labview Automation APIs Guide

Part Number: TSW14J56EVM


Are there any available guide or tutorial for Labview Automation APIs which are installed with HSDC Pro.

First, I got ERROR 1379 and solved by instelling device drivers of labview.

Then I faced ERROR 63 and ERROR 66 and solved them, as well (Error can be found in folder named C:\Program Files (x86)\Texas Instruments\High Speed Data Converter Pro\HSDCPro Automation DLL. In this foldef, there is a file named Automation DLL Error Codes)

Last Error Code is 1004 which is for a missing Sub VIs. I couldn't manage to solve this problem because I dont know which sub VI is missing.

Could you please provide me some kind of guide to use VIs that come with HSDC Pro installation.