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ADS7828: Reset I2cBus from ADS7828EB

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Part Number: ADS7828

Hi I have a question about the ADS7828EB.

We have problems with our I2C bus in an existing project and would like to reset it hardware-wise.
We can switch off the 5V supply voltage of the bus for a short time. Now my question. If we switch off the 5V supply voltage, the reference voltage and the analog input signals (0V to 5V at 1 mA) would still be applied to the ADS7828EB. Would that be a problem for the ADS7828EB. Could one really reset the I2C bus driver of the ADS7828EB by removing the supply voltage?

Thank you very much for your help.

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  • Hello,

    If the power supply of the device is shut down, the analog inputs and reference should also be brought down.

    The analog inputs should not be greater than the analog input. our devices usually have a protective scheme that uses the analog supply.

    This is will likely not damage the device in the short run, but could cause higher current consumption.

    It is better practice to bring down all analog voltage levels down with the power supply.

    Power cycling the device is an acceptable way to reset/restart the device.