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ADS1258: ADS1258 spi driver issue

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Part Number: ADS1258

Dear Team,

We have a requirement of 16-channel,24 bit ADC,so we are going for ads1258 which can fulfill our requirements.

We already had working Driver source code for 16-channel,16 bit ADC with part no ads1158 and we need to upgrade for ads1258.

With reference to the data sheets i understood that the registers and settings are same for both.

hence am requesting you to please confirm suitability ..



  • Hi rnd,

    The ADS1258 is essentially the same device as the ADS1158 and are pin for pin compatible.  There are a few differences as they relate to the length of data output by the device, the ID in the Device ID Register (0x9), and some of the Electrical Characteristics are better for the ADS1258.  So with respect to code, you would need to alter the number of bits read from the device when reading the conversion result.  The rest of you code should be fine to use as is.

    Best regards,

    Bob B