Help for Choosing the Right Audio Codec !!!

Hi All,

My name is Canan Simsek. I am doing my bachelor thessis in TI Germany on the topic of "Clock Jitter Influence on Audio Quality ".  I want to measure the effect of the CDCMP312 ( Clock generator ) on one of the audio codec which has Sigma Delta architecture in it. For this implementation, I need an EVM board and I have choosen 3 audio DAC from TI products  - Data converters - Audio converter - Audio Dac  "PCM1742", "PCM1748" and "PCM1753". In my project Sigma delta converter is 4th order, My bandwidth is 2HZ - 20Khz and Sampling  Fs = 3.84 Mhz and OSR = 96Khz.

I need to know which EVM board can be useful for my measurements. Furthermore, with results of my measurements I want to measure INL - DNL for quality . How can I measure them from scope results ? Is there any special euipment to measure them ? 

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Canan simsek.

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  • Canan,

    Unfortunately none of these EVMs are currently available in the TI e-Store, so I would try to find a DAC EVM that is available.  For linearity, the level linearity spec of +/-0.5dB is the only linearity spec offered, but the randomization of noise within the DAC ensures the INL/DNL will not exceed this or cause performance issues as well.  We do not have any special equipment to measure INL/DNL, some folks use LabVIEW tests for INL/DNL tests but they require data acquisition hardware as well.

    Patrick Galvin