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Comparison of ADC input types features

Hi, Guys

We know the four types of ADC input:1.Single Ended; 2.Pseudo Differential; 3.Fully Differential; 4.True Differential;

I want to know:

1. What are the characteristics of these four types?(advantage and disadvantage)

2. What  are these application scenarios for each of these four types?


  • Hello Vincent

    Within our TI Precision Labs covering ADC there is a video, 1.3 SAR ADC Input types that highlights the different input types. You may watch the video or read through the material.

    Also, this PDF from a previous Precision Analog Applications Seminar goes over the first three SAR ADC input types within the first 10 slides. The rest of the document covers the input driving circuitry, if you would like to also go through that material.

    Regards, Cynthia