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ADS1291 general questions

Hello again ;


I need to finish my  design but I need some technical supports as possible as you can and thank you in advanced.

Our design depends on ADS1291 to detect  ECG signals and classify them . We would use only 2 leads there is no RLD lead . But I still need support with some issues.

1. I would use DC leadoff detection but I am using only two leads electrodes , so I cant block DC , what do you suggest a solution ?

2.  I Have to measure the impedence of the body (resistive)  the imperence between the two electrodes I could not find anything about this in the datasheet; please could you explain how to acheive that.

3. I have to detect PACEMAKER activities; hardware detection would be better but also could you suggest an example circuit to be added to ADS1291 ; know that i am using unipolar power supply (0-3.3v).If not hardware any example for software detection ?

4.Does anyone have an opensource ECG classification algorithm?

Thank you inadvanced


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