Composite PAL to RGsB


I am tasked to design circuit that coverts  Stanag3350B(PAL 25 fps) video to RGsB(RGB sync on green). I have checked TVP5150AM1 and THS8200. WILL these two work for me completely.

Also tell us about single chip solution of the above mentioned. I mean one chip that converts PAL video to RGsB video.

I am also looking to convert XGA video to composite PAL. Please provide us ti options for this conversion.


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  • TI does not have a single chip solution for this.

    Coupling a TVP to a THS might work but you would need to trial this since there are many subtle variations in the standards.

    Note that in this arrangement that the output analog format will exactly match the input, i.e. the output will be interlaced and at the exact same field rate/resolution.

    Converting from XGA to PAL would really require an interlacer to convert from progressive to interlaced. Some form of scaler would also be required.


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