CCSv5.1 Beta Program

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The beta program for Code Composer Studio v5.1 has begun.  We have been making milestone releases approximately once a month since early this year and now have reached the point of beta.  Thank you to everyone who has tried the early milestone releases and provided feedback.

CCSv5.1 represents a significant improvement over CCSv4.  The major objectives for CCSv5.1 are to make CCS smaller, faster and easier.  

One of the first things that you will notice with CCSv5.1 is the size of the download.  There is a "small" package that is <2MB.  This lightweight installer allows you to make your installation selections as far as features and device support and then will proceed to download and install the necessary components.  There is also a complete image available for download if you need to transfer the image to a computer that does not have internet access.

CCSv5.1 uses Eclipse 3.7, which represents 5 years of fixes and enhancements over the Eclipse 3.2 release that CCSv4 is based on.  We have also changed the way we use Eclipse.  In the past we had our own private branch of Eclipse source that we made a lot of changes to.  This made it difficult to upgrade to newer versions of Eclipse as they became available.  With CCSv5 we are using "stock" Eclipse, enabling us to keep pace with the latest Eclipse source base.  To do this we have spent a lot of time making contributions to the Eclipse code to make the transition from CCSv4 to CCSv5 smooth.

We would greatly appreciate feedback on the beta1 release of CCSv5.1.  It is nearly feature complete, there will be a beta2 release in 1 month that will be fully feature complete.  The final release is planned for end of Oct / early Nov.

The beta release is available here:

Note that CCSv5 supports both Windows and Linux.





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