compiler detection preprocessor directive needed for code composer studio for msp 430


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  Can u please let me know the compiler detection preprocessor directive for code composer studio for msp430.  As similar to _IAR_SYSTEMS_ICC_ for IAR.

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  • For TI compilers you can use __TI_COMPILER_VERSION__.

    FYI, to see the full list of pre-defined macros, you can compile a null C program ("void main(void) { }") with the -ppm compiler option.  This will produce the file <filename>.pp which contains the macro definitions of all the pre-defined macros. 

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    As you mentioned in the above thread, I tried for the same with  CCS 4.2 compiler version.

    But the comipler  throwing out an error: option --preproc_macros is missing its parameter 'filename'.  

    Could You Please let me know, Where can I set a filename, So that I can able to compile and  to generate  filename.pp. Please find the attached image below. 




     Nagaraj Desai 




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    This seems to be an issue with the compiler build settings GUI for the MSP430, I can duplicate it as well. I will submit this as an issue so it gets addressed in a future release.

    To workaround it for now, you can add the option manually to the command line by doing the following:

    Go to Project Properties->C/C++ Build->MSP430 Compiler, and in the Command window, add the option:

    "${MSP430_CG_ROOT}/bin/cl430" --preproc_macros="<your_desired_path>/file.pp"

    This will add the --preproc_macros option to the list of compiler options. Hope this helps.

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    FYI, the issue with the GUI display of the Preprocessor Analysis options for MSP430 is being tracked under bug # SDSCM00039206.

    You can track the status of this issue using the SDOWP link in my signature.