Hi, I'm currently working on my Engineering Final Year Project. I came across 1 of your product and I'm interested in using it in my project. The manufacturer's code: TPIC74100QPWPRQ1  Before using this regulator, I would need to run simulations using Multisim. Since this item is not in its database, I would need to load the component's database using SPICE model. May I know whether you could supply me with it? 


  • Hi HY,

    At this time the SPICE model for this part is not in the development road map. All the SPICE models provided by TI can be found here: www.ti.com/spicerack. You can find other Buck-Boost converter models in this page. Please check this page regularly since this page is updated often.

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    Hello Nikhil,

    I am planing to model the Boost converter in voltage controlled mode.

    I have gone through few papers and modeled the switches as the dependent voltage & current sources.

    But I am missing the right half zero which is expected in a boost converter.  More over my phase response is independent of the load which is not realistic.

    Since we are missing out the right half zero our transient response has stability issues at higher loads, But the AC response indicates that our margins are pretty good.

    I have read few papers which says the duty cycle D & the small perturbation d will be used in modeling. But how to get them separately.

    I am planning to implement the model in Spectre for continuous conduction mode (Voltage mode).

    So, Please let me know how can I model it....

    Your help in this regard will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks & Regards


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    Hi Vishnu,

    We did release the transient model for this part last month so maybe you can use this for your development and verification now: http://www.ti.com/product/tpic74100-q1 (look under "Tools and Software").

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    Hello Nikhil,

    Thanks a lot for you response.

    I have gone through the model (test bench) which you have suggested, But there I didn't find the way in which the loop has been modeled.

    Actually I have modeled the loop using the Average Loop Model, But with this I am not able to realize a RHP  zero which will be present in the Boost Converter.

    In the Model I have used a dependent voltage source & dependent current source to model the switches. In my model I have only D (Duty Cycle), which is the output of the PWM comparator.  

    But in few papers I found that there is d which is the small change in duty cycle (D).

    Please let me know how to model it (I have attached a foil which shows the way I have modeled) & also the reason for missing out RHP zero.


    Thanks & Regards