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WEBENCH® Tools/TPS54821: Can I check compensation after editing schematic in Webench?

Part Number: TPS54821

Tool/software: WEBENCH® Design Tools

I added a phase boost cap by editing the schematic of a power supply in Webench.  I now see that I no longer have the "Re-Comp" button available.  I'd like to go see what my addition did to the gain and phase margin but I don't see how to do it.

  • Do you mean a feed forward capacitor in parallel with the upper FB resistor? I doubt WB will support that. Pspice or TINA-TI average model is your best option if you want to check the compensation for feed forward capacitors or mixed dielectric output capacitors.

    John Tucker

    BSR-CCP LV/MV DC/DC Applications

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    Yes, my phase boost cap is in parallel with the upper feedback resistor.

    In my mind it's more of a generic question. It appears that whenever edit any schematic and add components to it (any component in any position) that I lose the ability to use the Re-Comp tool.

    Is that right?
  • In reply to Scott Sansom:

    That is what I think. It only works for the basic schematic. I'll move the post to the Webench forum to get their take on it. But I am pretty certain I am correct.

    John Tucker

    BSR-CCP LV/MV DC/DC Applications

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    Yes, John has it right. The full operating value calculations are only available when the schematic is produced by WEBENCH Power Designer. Once the schematic is brought into the editing environment, the calculations are no longer valid. Online simulation is still available, set up for Transient, and you can adjust it so you can see how load transient response is affected by schematic/design changes. If you want to do further analysis, best bet is to export it into TINA-TI or a PSPICE tool, and set up the Bode plot test.

    Wanda Garrett
    WEBENCH Design Center
    Texas Instruments

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    So there is an automated way to export from Webench to TINA?  That would be great as I've just started doing it by hand now.

  • In reply to Scott Sansom:

    Hi Scott,

    We have enabled Sim Export feature for the TPS54821 model in WEBENCH. Now you can create design in WEBENCH using TPS54821, modify it as per your application and check for OpVals and Simulation results and later can export it to the tool of your preference. Please find information to Export design from WEBENCH to TINA-TI and other tools at below link location:


    Kindly let us know if you face any issues.


    Best Regards,

    Mahavir Jain | Power Modeling Engineer | WEBENCH Design Center                                                                                                                                                                  

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    Excellent!  Thanks!

    I have one more supply that I need to export to TINA - TPS40428 with CSD95378 driver chips.

    Any chance that export might be enabled on that anytime soon?