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DLPC350: DLPC350 0x7d issue cause hanged after multiple time read

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Part Number: DLPC350

1. We are using DLPC350 as our DLP projector controller, we manage to access all related I2C address, but still remain one last unsolved problem on the I2C address 0x7D.         

2. The behaviour of 0x7D address during I2C READ sequence normally required some waiting time before the data is available.

3. This is acceptable for us but the problem we face is after nearly 100 times of READ sequence on the same address 0x7D, the DLPC350 seems like hanged and require to perform hardware reset before we can use again. 

4.  We are in the production mode for this project, please help us on how to resolved this issue.

  • Hello JS,

    Are you polling the response bit as recommended in the programmer's guide (pg 40)?


  • In reply to Kyle Rakos:

    Hi JS,

    This is a known issue on DLPC350 firmware, we are planning to fix it on the next maintenance release, till then kindly use a 10ms delay between any two i2c transactions (for both read and write) to avoid facing this problem. 

    Thanks & Regards,