DLPLCR4500EVM: 'Save Solution' does not save my sequence entered in 'Sequence Settings [Variable Exposure]'

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Part Number: DLPLCR4500EVM


I use the GUI v3.1.0 to control my EVM and I would like to be able so save my sequence to be able to uploadit again without having to retype it each time. I saw the option 'Save Solution' that creates a .ini that can be uploaded later. When I upload it, LED currents as well as the sequence in the 'Sequence Settings' tab are correctly updated, but nothing shows in the 'Sequence Settings [Variable Exposure]' tab, even if something was present when I save the solution. Is it normal behavior ? Is there another way to save that kind of created sequence ? I would really like that it is possible because I have a large sequence to produce each time ( > 100 patterns / sequence ) and it is time consuming, and subject to errors each time... 

I already searched for a similar question on this forum but it seems no one asked yet.

Thank you for your support, 

Have a nice day, Emilie

Ps: using  3 different indexes and 3 differents colors, how many pattern can be added to Sequence in 'Sequence Settings' tab sequence ? it seems it is limited but I am not able to know how to calculate the limit...

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  • Hello Emilie,

    Please allow us a few days to look into this and we'll get back to you. In the meantime can you please confirm what version of firmware is on the EVM itself?



  • In reply to Kyle Rakos:

    Hi Kyle !

    Thank you for your fast answer. I am using a firmware created from the DLPR350PROM_v4.0 furnished firmware for which I changed the patterns. I removed the existing patterns and added 3 new patterns, and uploaded the firmware in the EVM directly via the GUI. I can send you a copy of it if you desire. Get back to me anytime, 

    Have the best day, Emilie

  • In reply to Emilie Cuillery:

    Hi Emilie, 

    Could you kindly provide us a description and some screenshots of the pattern sequence you are using, along with the INI you obtained by saving the solution This will help us use your pattern sequence and reproduce the issue faster! 

    Thanks & Regards,


  • In reply to Hirak Biswas:

    Hi Hirak, 

    Thank you for your comments. Here are screenshots of how I make my patterns in both 'Pattern Sequence' & 'Pattern Sequence [Variable Exposure]' tabs

    Then I save mySolution.ini created using the "Save Solution" button. Here is the file.


    Finally I restart the GUI and click the button "Apply Solution" and chose mySolution.ini and here is what I get in he following screenshots. ( Pattern in 'Pattern Sequence tab' is loaded, but nothing is loaded in the 'Pattern Sequence [Variable Exposure]  ' tab.

    My sequence in 'Pattern Sequence [Exposure Variable]' is like this:


    --> white_idx0_B0-B7 (1'000'000us x 2 times) 


    -->  red_idx0_R0-R7 (1'000'000us x 1 time)

    -->  red_idx1_R0-R7 (100'000us x 10 times) -->  red_idx1_G0-G7 (100'000us x 10 times) -->  red_idx1_B0-B7 (100'000us x 10 times) 

    -->  red_idx2_R0-R7 (100'000us x 10 times)  -->  red_idx2_G0-G7 (100'000us x 10 times) -->  red_idx2_B0-B7 (100'000us x 10 times)


    -->  green_idx0_R0-R7 (1'000'000us x 1 time)

    -->  green_idx1_R0-R7 (100'000us x 10 times) -->  green_idx1_G0-G7 (100'000us x 10 times) -->  green_idx1_B0-B7 (100'000us x 10 times) 

    -->  green_idx2_R0-R7 (100'000us x 10 times)  -->  green_idx2_G0-G7 (100'000us x 10 times) -->  green_idx2_B0-B7 (100'000us x 10 times)


    -->  blue_idx0_R0-R7 (1'000'000us x 1 time)

    -->  blue_idx1_R0-R7 (100'000us x 10 times) -->  blue_idx1_G0-G7 (100'000us x 10 times) -->  blue_idx1_B0-B7 (100'000us x 10 times) 

    -->  blue_idx2_R0-R7 (100'000us x 10 times)  -->  blue_idx2_G0-G7 (100'000us x 10 times) -->  blue_idx2_B0-B7 (100'000us x 10 times)

    It is I believe a big sequence for a total of 185 patterns with all three LEDs and indexes 0,1,2, each of the three 8-bit plane used.

    Thank you for your feedback, 

    Best, Emilie 

  • In reply to Emilie Cuillery:

    Hi Emilie, 

    Kindly provide us some more time to test out your settings, we will get back to you soon! Thanks for your patience.

    Thanks & Regards,


  • In reply to Hirak Biswas:

    Hi Emilie, 

    I tried with some INI files at our side and was unable to reproduce. I want to ask some further questions to you:

    1. Do you face this error while saving?

    2. Can you save solutions with lesser number of patterns? (like a subset of the full intended pattern sequence)? Can you give me some idea at which point the GUI ceases to save the INI?

    This information will help me debug the issue faster. 

    Thanks & Regards,


  • In reply to Hirak Biswas:

    Dear Hirak, 

    I do not have any error message while saving the solution.

    I tried to save solution with only the 2 first patterns in the tab Pattern Sequence [Variable exposure] tab ( 2x the same pattern of 8 bit, white, index 0, B0-B7 both with with exposure = period = 1000000 us ) that I save in the file mySolutionExtraLight.ini and I close the Gui. Then I open it again and Apply the solution but again, nothing shows up in the Pattern Sequence [Variable exposure] tab ( But everything shows up fine in the Pattern Sequence tab). Ps: they are the only 2 tabs I modify all the rest is still in default values.


    Do you on your side see the patterns or you also see nothing ? Can you confirm that normally I should see my pattern sequence coming back ?

    I investigated a bit on my side and can it be that he problem is that it is not saved in the solution if the sequence is not 'validated' and 'played' ? Because I have a pattern sequence that is uploaded correctly after a test with 3 patterns where I run my sequence before saving the solution. I will investigate more on that and see if the whole sequence is saved this way. Hope this helps...


  • In reply to Emilie Cuillery:

    So, Unfortunately I could not solve the full sequence. The 'MySolutionPlay.ini' with 3 patterns works for me. But the 'MySolutionFull.ini' does not... 

    I really cannot make sense of what is happening... Hope this helps, thank you for your support, Emilie