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TMS320F2812 IIR Filter design


I'm working on an old design that uses an F2812.  The code uses several FIR filters that have 256 coefficients.  I need to reduce the CPU load and thought I'd try using IIR filters instead.  I've come across sprc082 http://focus.ti.com/docs/toolsw/folders/print/sprc082.html and found there's a Matlab file called eziir32.m for designing an IIR filter for use with the TI library.

Does anyone know if the file iir32.asm will work with the F2812?

Should I be looking elsewhere?

I'd really like 145dB of attenuation, but the script crashes at 145dB attenuation.  It might be an octave bug, and not the case under Matlab.

Any thoughts?



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