TMS320F2812 IIR Filter design


I'm working on an old design that uses an F2812.  The code uses several FIR filters that have 256 coefficients.  I need to reduce the CPU load and thought I'd try using IIR filters instead.  I've come across sprc082 and found there's a Matlab file called eziir32.m for designing an IIR filter for use with the TI library.

Does anyone know if the file iir32.asm will work with the F2812?

Should I be looking elsewhere?

I'd really like 145dB of attenuation, but the script crashes at 145dB attenuation.  It might be an octave bug, and not the case under Matlab.

Any thoughts?



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  • Hi JamesS,

    I tried the sprc082 for a simple FIR filter and, unfortunately, I wasn't able to make it works. Did you managed to make something ? Because in my case an ILLEGAL_ISR exception is thrown after the 20 taps or so, which make me think that this library is not well designed for the TMS320F2812.

    I'm currently trying to adapt some .asm codes code in order to make it works.