msp430 schematic diagram

I am working with msp430f35. I want to make a schematic diagram of this micro controller with its connection. Which software can do this task?

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    You have several EDA at your disposal. You can find info here.

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  • Hello Akhilesh,

    I have used a program called Altium Designer, its a good program but you would have to watch some online tutorials to get a proper grasp of how to use it. It makes schematics that look like this. You have to pay for it though or obtain a copy in some other way :)


    Or there are some free schematic programs like that produce acceptable schematics.

    You could even use microsoft visio if you had the office suite on your PC/mac or whatever.


  • The search term you need is "Schematic Capture"...

    This one is free:


  • In reply to Andy Neil:

    Teh German layout program "EAGLE" has a free version that comes with library editor (that you can use to design device symbols for the schematics as well as device footprints), layout editor and auto-router.

    It is free for personal use, but limited to 8x10cm², two layers and one schematics sheet.

    I'm not sure whether an English version is available.


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