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DRV8711: DRV8711 Stepper motor controller selection

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Part Number: DRV8711

Hi Team,

My customer wants to design 48V motor supply 256 microsteps to driver 10A Motor.
I found that only DRV8711 is relatively close, can externally add MOSFET to drive the motor, there are 256 microsteps, but the supply voltage is only 52V.
Currently customers have found competitors
It's Motor supply 8 ~60V, 256 Microsteps
Can we have other Stepper motor controller parts that can be replaced?



  • Hi Kevin,

    TI does not have other devices available at higher voltages.

    The recommended max supply voltage of the DRV8711 is 52V, and the absolute max voltage is 60V. 

    There is a reference design that converted the DRV8711 to a higher voltage. This requires external circuitry plus some of the protection features were disabled. If interested, see http://www.ti.com/tool/TIDA-01227. The concept can be increased to higher voltages.

    FYI -- The operational range of the TMC5160 is listed as 55V and the absolute max voltage is 60V (Rev 1.10 datasheet).

    Rick Duncan
    Motor Applications Team

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    Hi Rick

    thanks your info