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DRV8302: DRV8302 to control brushed DC motor issue

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Part Number: DRV8302

Hello! I have posted some threads about sudden and strange faults while working with DRV8302, without finding out anything (thread's links are under the cut).  I suppose one thing to be the reason of my problems with IC. I use DRV8302 to control Brushed DC motor, so i am using only A and B channels, all pins of channel C stay in air (input pins and output), is it normal or not, what ping of unused channel i NEED to pull down or pull up. Can it be the reason of random faults? Thanks!



  • Alek,

    Thank you for posting on the MD forum!

    Unfortunately we cannot keep threads open without activity for more than a few days unless there is a note that there will be a delay, this is why your other threads were closed.

    To debug this further I will repeat my questions from the other thread:

    Could you describe the test that is running when the fault occurs?

    To debug this further we would need to review the nFAULT and nOCTW pin status when the Fault occurs. I know you mentioned this is difficult but we have no other way of debugging this.

    Since Channel C is unused, do you have access to those pins? We probably need to connect to those pins to correct this issue but I'm not sure you have access to them.



  • In reply to Adam Sidelsky:


    I have seen no update on this thread, did your issue get resolved?

    I will mark this thread as closed for now but please post again if you need further assistance.