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UCD9246 Configuration

Is there a way to have the UCD9246 shipped fully configured?  I've got an application where an FPGA will be used to monitor and adjust settings but its power comes from the UCD9246, creating a bit of a chicken and egg situation.

  • Also, is there a Fusion compatible USB  - I2C cable available if the board has not programmed UCD9246 devices?  I have used JTAG SVF files in the past, but my JTAG chain will not be powered yet.  I will have the UCD9246 powered.

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    TI does not provide this capability directly with our customers but supports our distributor Avnet which will pre-load a configuration via their value added services.

    I beleive that Arrow can also perform the pre-loading.

    I would suggest contacting your local distributor resource and discuss this request.

    Alternately, you could perform the pre-programming in your own manufacturing environment using a gang programmer from our currently supported vendors System General and BPMicro, the latest listing of supported manufacturers and equipment can be found in the document, Configuration Programming of UCD Devices, which can be accessed from the Help --> Help & Documentation Center link in the Fusion Digital Power Designer GUI.

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    In reply to Charles Anderson102886:

    The USB Interface Adapter (USB-to-GPIO) can be used for loading configuration via the PMBus interface.

    It can be found here:




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    Thank you for your answers Brad.  This should give us something to go off of.