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There is a question is about the mmWaveSensingEstimator on ti.com and its precision (tolerance consideration).

Following quotation for SNR calculation has been found in our training material.



It’s about calculationg the maximum measurement time T_meas which depends of the number of chirps and chrip duration.

Furtheremore it’s obvious by the code of mmWaveSensingEstimator that the number of virtual antennas (num_virtual_rx) is considered.


For calculations of different systems we used a custom tool which uses instead of the measured time T_meas the system bandwith for SNR calculation.

Furhtermore we cosidered quantization of the ADC and the process gain of signal processing.


It’s clear that the mmWaveSensingEstimator is “ just” a estimator for a rough estimation.

Neverthless, I like to understand why TI is using the SNR quotaion with T_meas.


Can you elaborate a bit more on the background and the tolerances we have experienced by this quotation.