LM3429: TOF CAMERA's LED DRIVER Schematic Problem Review

Part Number: LM3429

HI Subhash Chandra Sadhu

Test environment

OPT8241-CDK-EVM kit is used and IR LED circuit is in use Refer to attached circuit

OPT8241-CDK-EVM Using the firmware for the built-in laser and adjusting the Voxel SDK parameter without firmware modification.

- OPT8241-CDK-EVM OPT9221 ILLUM_N Signal line R99 1K Installed R101 does not use open processing ILLUM_P signal

LED DRIVER Schematic Problem Review

1. Circuits PL7 and ZD1 do not use LED DRIVER but 20V as power supply separately. The LED is driven without any problem.

    However, when 20V is input using LM3429 LED DRIVER, the switching noise is heard and the IR_LED_OUT voltage shakes.

Thank you Subhash Chandra Sadhu6330.tof_sch_170327.pdf


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