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OPT8241: Lens design

Part Number: OPT8241


I've seen in answers to other questions that TI suggests ARC coated F1.1 or F1.2 lenses optimized for 850nm with CRA < 20 deg.  For OPT8241 image format is 1/3" (sensor area diagonal).  Are there any OTS solutions for these types of lenses?  If not, are there suggested manufacturers of custom solutions? 

I contacted Soft Kinetic who provided the lens for the evaluation kit and they informed me that since they were bought by Sony, they no longer provide outside design services.  I've also talked to Sunex with some limited success.



  • Scott, the lens spec stated is for OPT8241/OPT9221 chipset. Many of our customers design their own lenses, or purchase pre-design lenses in bulk, which will have minimum order quantity (MOQ). If you're looking for suggested sources for these pre-designed lenses, please submit your request to ti-3dtof@list.ti.com.
  • Hi Scott,

    There might be a lens which is already designed by a manufacturer and almost meets your custom requirements. Presence of OTS solution depends on your required spec.
    Please refer to the lens selection app note to decide the lens spec: www.ti.com/lit/pdf/sbaa217


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