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OPT8241-CDK-EVM: Depth Errors on Checkerboard Pattern

Part Number: OPT8241-CDK-EVM

When imaging a flat checkerboard pattern, there are depth errors at the transitions between the light and dark squares.  The points that are not at the transitions give fairly consistent results.  Any way to improve the depth accuracy at these transitions?

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  • This is a known issue of TOF sensors that occurs at the border between two high contrast regions and photo electrons may leak to neighboring pixels.
    To mediate this issue it is recommend one apply a spatial "notch" filter where the kernel's center value (say a 3x3 kernel example) is -1 and neighbors are 0.125, or apply an equivalent 5x5 notch. Even more clever would be to first run a Sobel filter on the amplitude image, to find the high-contrast borders, then apply the notch filter to just those border points.