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Linux/IWR1443BOOST: Increase Range Resolution

Part Number: IWR1443BOOST

Tool/software: Linux


The IWR1443BOOST config files with the Demo Visualizer have a max range resolution of 4cm. Is it possible to get better range resolution?

Thank you.

  • Hi Rupak,

    Range Resolution is a function of the RF bandwidth of the chirp and it is defined as R-res = c/2B where c is the speed of light and B is the effective chirp bandwidth.

    The IWR1443 has a maximum continuous chirp bandwidth of 4GHz (77GHz to 81GHz) which corresponds to a best case range resolution of ~4cm following the above equation. This is what the "Best Range Resolution" option configures in the OOB Demo.

    Please note that while the best case range resolution is ~4cm, you can achieve sub-millimeter range accuracy with the device as discussed in the following thread:

    IWR1443BOOST: Sub-millimeter accuracy distance measurement on a short range (from 5 to 30cm)

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