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IWR6843: IWR6843 EDMA

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I would like to understand how EDMA works.
I look at Figure 12-6 pp.1179 of Technical Reference Manual SWRU522C.
I look at code from lab0015_pplcount_68xx dss_data_path.c line 443

EDMAutil_configType1 configured EDMA with following parameters

aCount = 512
bCount = 2
cCount = 1

sourceBindex = 1024
destinationBindex = 0

sourceCindex = 0
destinationCindex = 0

The EDMA is programmed as an "A-Synchronized transfer"

There are two transfers of 512 bytes because bCount is 2.
Is second transfer of 512 bytes have same destination addres as first one because destinationBindex is zero?


  • Hi Gennadii,

    You seem to be interpreting it correctly based on EDMA parameter definition.
    Second transfer's Destination is the same as the first transfer.

    Please check the Parameters update section in the EDMA Module of TRM (Section 10, 10-2 table).

    Thank you,
  • In reply to Vaibhav Mahimkar:

    Hi Gennadii,

    The EDMAutil_configType1 is a function defined in the application. This function will automatically increments the destination address after the first transfer by dstBIdx bytes.

    So your understanding of how the EDMA works in general is correct, but this particular function has some changes in the software layer to improve ease of use.