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LMP91000: Voltage reference for chip

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Part Number: LMP91000


Can you advice on the stability of using VDD as the internal reference voltage for the chip. I observe some fluctuation (0.2V) in the absence of any gas input and VDD as reference voltage. I am not certain if this can be attributed to fluctuation in VDD(it's fairly stable) or the sensor itself. I would like to use VDD itself for internal reference in the interest of saving power, but if the reference cannot be guaranteed to be stable I may have to consider using a voltage reference. Do you have any comments on this analysis? If I have to evaluate with a reference voltage chip, can you please suggest an alternative to the LM4120 chip used on the EVM? The current consumption of this chip from the datasheet seems too high for my application. From the TI catalog, I found REF33xx. Will this be suitable for use with the LMP9100 chip? Or is there any other suggestion?

  • Hi Agusta,

    Let me look into this and get back with you shortly.


  • Hi Agusta,

    Where are you measuring VDD where you see fluctuation of 0.2V? When you say you see this fluctuation in the absence of any gas input do you mean that a sensor is not connected?

    Is this fluctuation present when there is sensor connect as well as no sensor connected? If you see this with a sensor connected, can you try replacing sensor and seeing if same fluctuation occurs?