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Help with merging my accounts and porting my original username


           The problem I have is almost similar to e2e.ti.com/.../709025. As suggested in the forum, I did contact TI using webform and after further email trails, I was told the accounts were merged, old account deleted and I can choose the nickname by

"login to E2E and click on his Avatar in the top right corner of the site, then choose Settings from the dropdown. On the page, that's returned Tony can change the nickname associated to his account. The next time he logs into E2E that will propagate to his E2E profile."

But the webpage does not let me choose the nickname "Tony Makkiel". It gives me error “This nickname is already taken.” I was also directed back to use e2e forum to see whether it can be fixed by somebody here please? Not sure whether any useful the Service Request number is 1-4572589258

Note: I can still login to my previous account which I accidentally logged in today!

Many Thanks,