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SN74CBT16209A: QUAD SPI Application Questions

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Part Number: SN74CBT16209A

Studying SN74CBT16209A for a SPI application

  1. can SN74CBT16209A support SPI Quad IO application with bi-directional ?
  2. can ISN74CBT16209A support SPI Clock run with 50MHz?
  3. What’s the transition latency spec for SN74CBT16209A for 3.3V SPI application?
  4. Its input and output push-pull or open-drain ?
  5. Does TI have a reference design for SPI?
  • Hello,

    1. SN74CBT16209A is a bidirectional crosspoint/exchange switch and each of the two lanes in a channel may be connected or exchanged as inputs or outputs. 
    2. SN74CBT16209A has a bandwidth of 200 MHz which will support the SPI clock of 50MHz.
    3. The switching time for the switch to transition signal paths can be found in the following datasheet specifications. t(pd) indicates the time for the output to transition from one signal path to another. t(en) indicates the time taken for the signal path to rise and t(dis) indicates the time taken for the signal path to fall. You can also use the figures in the datasheet to interpret the parameter measurements.

    4. The architecture of the switch input/output channels are passive FETs and will pass the input signal to the output with minimal distortion (not push-pull or open-drain).
    5. Could you tell me more about your SPI application? TI.com has many reference designs available by end equipment. What specific information or components are you looking for?

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    Additionally, I would like to suggest taking a look at using TS3A27518E or TMUX1574. The devices are 2:1 switches that support SPI applications. You can use two 2:1 switches back-to-back (because switches are bidirectional) to achieve crosspoint/exchange functionality. This may be an option that improves performance, size, or price, depending on system requirements.

    How many total data paths (bits) are in your bus?


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    I am closing the thread for now. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any additional questions!

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