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TS3L501E: Proper configuration

Part Number: TS3L501E

Hi - Is there any information available that describes the proper implementation with this part?  If there is an evaluation board or reference design that could give me an idea of the best practices when designing with this part please let me know.  Thanks!

  • Hi Todd,

    Unfortunately, we do not have TS3L501E EVM. It is TI hero LAN switch. Please be confident to promote it. It is very simple so that we do not have too much collateral.

    A typical use case is that on the laptop, the PHY chips need to select Ethernet signal path either from our laptop's RJ45 port or from the laptop's docking connector because you can have Ethernet cable connected to the docking.

    We can set up some time to review your schematic together.

    Fan Wang

  • In reply to Fan.Wang:

    Can you recommend an evaluation LAN switch that that is equivalent to the TS3L501E ?
  • In reply to Mark65:


    Since passive FET switches are simple devices and do not need external components to operate, custom EVMs are not built specifically for these devices.  You may order some samples of the IC on TI.com store and a generic break out board like this one from digi key if you would like to do some bread boarding.

    Is there anything in particular you are concerned with the TS3L501E?

    Thank you,