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PMP20637: UCD3138

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Part Number: PMP20637


It is a bit tricky to find a firmware associated with a design guide.

I tried to look up one for PMP20637 high power HB LLC design guide using UCD3138 but just did not load up the search!

Could help? It would be very helpful to know how to search for any firmware.



  • Hello,

    An engineer is looking into this and will respond.

  • Robin,

    If there is any firmware related to a particular design, then it should be available in the same product folder.

    If in case its not available, then it must be a  demo firmware to show case other TI products. In your case , the PMP20637 is show casing GaN. Normally we do not post it. 

    If you review the PMP20637  product page, its says a fixed frequency of 950kHz is used.



  • In reply to Sanatan Rajagopalan:


    Appreciate your response.

    We would need the firmware also to further develop & refine the system based upon all GaN & UCD3138 HB-LLC

    Do we need to contact FAE for a download or can somehow access it from the web?

    thnx much