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CCS/CC1310: Software for the I2S

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What is the difference between ti/drivers/I2S/I2SCc26xx.c & .h and CC13x0/driverlib/I2S.c and .h? 

I HAVE sIMPLELINK_cc13X)>SDK_3_10)00_00. there comments in the .c file that the drivers will be updated, but i have not found any updates. 

It is very difficult to try to figure out I2S for the Cc13x0 device. There are noy examples. Ive been told to look at the PDM for streaming audio, That does not use the I2S module at all. 


  • Is there any microprocessors that use the I2S buss that can give me some insight how to use it. I am using the CC1310 and it has a I2S package, but the i can not find any information of how implement it? My question above was that there is a CC26xx I2s, but its is quite different then the I2S modules in the CC1310.


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    Hi Larry,

    Let's start by clarifying a few things that can be somewhat confusing. Everything you find inside the "driverlib" folder (or inside the device specific folder really) is as close to HW you get, driverlib is basically a HAL.

    All the drivers you find in the "drivers" folder with the naming *CC26X0 or CC26XX is also the driver for CC1310/CC1350 (crypto drivers apart). The label "CC26XX" basically refers to the family of CC13XX and CC26XX devices.

    What this means is that you can use the "ti/drivers/I2S.h driver for both CC26XX and CC13XX. The I2S hardware as such is exactly the same between the two devices.

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