New wireless headset kit with discount for E2E users!

TI’s new PurePath Wireless headset reference design is what you need to build wireless headphones or headsets. The design includes battery charging for li-ion battery, analog audio input/output and buttons for user control (volume, power etc). For a DIY’er or an engineer wanting to do a quick prototype for his manager this is good news.

  • Get TI’s PurePath Wireless headset development kit
  • Take a pair of wired headphones, open them up, remove the old electronics and fit TI’s board in. With some soldering and perhaps some mods on the enclosure – voila a wireless headphone prototype!


Alternatively, just use your favorite wired headset and plug into the TI PCB board (which has the standard 3.5mm audio connector). You then have a battery powered TI PurePath Wireless audio link to try out!

All forum users can get the PurePath Wireless headset development kit at the  TI eStore for a discounted $99 price tag by entering the discount code KS9U-BV3P. Link to the kit is here, and the design files including schematics, gerbers etc are found here. (When ordering from TI eStore, add the kit to your cart and go for checkout. At that point there is a box where you can enter the discount code).

I hope you enjoy the kit! It is one of my favorite reference designs we have done lately - with good RF range and 22hour battery life with the included Li-ion battery. Feel free to comment if you buy the kit, like it - or have any other questions!


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