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WebServer Application from IAR not working correctly

I have the WebServer Application running successfully with the Binary, but when I have the files compiled in IAR workbench it does not give me the same results. 

The LED's do not light up in the same manner. It goes through first time configuration without issues. But once a connection is established, sometimes only LED's 1, 2 and 3 light up. And at times LED1-5 light up, this is after pressing the reset button a few times and cycling power. But despite that, I am not able to access the Server's webpage. IAR builds the workspace without warnings and errors. So i'm not sure if this is an error with the program or if I am using the wrong technique to build it. I did follow all the steps in the wiki but to no avail. 

  • Hi,

    Are you talking about the FRAM WebServer?



  • Chandrashekar,

    Which version of the Webserver application do you have?

    The latest I believe is 2.15 and you should get it from the Wiki Downloads page.

    The LED behavior is equivalent to the one for the Sensor Application. However, earlier versions of the application had issues with First Time Config and this has been resolved in 2.15. It required a reset for the CC3000 to connect after a First Time Config.

    As far as accessing the webserver, your computer must be connected to the same AP and you must use the correct IP address. In older versions of the Webserver app, port 81 was used instead of port 80, requiring you to type:

    To access the page.


  • In reply to Miguel:


    Yes, I am talking about the FRAM Web Server. 

    I downloaded the WebServer from here: http://www.ti.com/lit/zip/swrc246

    I believe it is version 2.15. 


    With the binary from the download, I am able to access the page without using a port number. I only put the IP address in the URL and it works fine. However I don't observe the same behavior with the program loaded from IAR. Also, I did not see an issue with first time config. 


  • In reply to KrithikChandrashekar:

    Hi All, 

    I was able to load the page successfully, it takes a while for the page to load. Strangely, I did not see this behavior earlier.  But I did notice unusual behavior at times though, with LED 4 not glowing. 

    Thank you for your help.