Questions regarding Zigbee libraries,CC2530 ZDK,mini ZDK.

Hi All, I am newbie to the zigbee,I thought buying a CC2530 ZDK for home automation project. I have following doubts. 1.Does ZStack-ZAP-MSP430-1.0.4.exe contains cc2530-ZNP API libraries? 2.Does CCSv5 is enough to work on ZAP side application ? if yes SO installing ZStack-ZAP-MSP430-1.0.4.exe will includes the libraries for ZNP API's? 3.If I want to modify the ZNP stack,DO i need IAR workbench for 8051?if yes,which Debugger like JTAG i need to use? 4. Does CCSV5 contains IAR plugin ?So that i can work on cc2530(ZNP) using CCSv5? 5.Does IAR workbench for 8051 contains CCSv5 plugin?So that I can work on ZAP using IAR Workbench for 8051? 6.Do I need to install IAR for 8051 and CCSv5 to work on ZNP and ZAP respectively ? Thanks, Jagas