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Vibration sensor interface design recommendation

Other Parts Discussed in Thread: TIDA-01471, THS4551, XTR111, THS4561, THP210


we are experimenting with predictive maintenance in the factory of our client, on lathe spindle bearings. The single axis accelerometer sensor we would like to use is CMSS 2100 from SKF. The datasheet here. What we would primarily do is spectral analysis at Fs=20kHz. We need to design an interface for signal conditioning with probably an external ADC. We found a promising design here. Since we are new on this field our first question is: can we use this design with the CMSS 2100 sensor? Or can you recommend us a similar design to start with?

If TIDA-01471 is suitable, would you recommend an alternate part for THS4551IRGTT and XTR111AIDGQT? They are unavailable at the moment and it seems like for a year, at least.

Thank you!


  • Hello Gergo,

       I am not too familiar with accelerometer sensor products. but looking at CMSS 2100 sensor sensitivity and frequency range, they seem to be in same relative range as discussed in section 2.3.1 and section 2.3.2 in the reference design (TIDA-01471). The CMS 2100 sensor also is on the lower end on output impedance which translates to less error in measurement. Using the equation in section, the output voltage range of the CMS 2100 sensor is: 100mV/g and lets say at max of sensor measurement range which is 80g, then output range is 8V. 

      Are you looking for an alternative part to these two devices due to the lead time? 

    Thank you,


  • Hi Sima,

    thank you for your valuable help. Yes, we need suggestions for alternative parts since THS4551 and XTR111A are not available until Q2 2022.

  • Hi Gergo,

    as your design isn't finished yet, or even started, I would look for an alternative circuit. There's no need to use the XTR111 for the current source. A simple current source with an OPAmp can do the same. And if you take a different ADC, then even the THS4551 might not be necessary.


  • SInce the THS4551 is not that available, you might consider the THS4561 or THP210 as alternates, 

  • Hello Gergo,

       Michael and Kai recommended good alternatives. I am looking into confirming lead times on the THS4551s. I sent you a friend request to discuss this issue privately.