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LMH6722: Video Distribution Amplifier

Part Number: LMH6722
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: OPA3691, OPA3832, OPA3692, LMH6612, TLV3542, SN10503, OPA2673, OPA2674, OPA4830, OPA4820, OPA2301, OPA2300, LMH6601

Hi Team,

May I ask for help? I am not quite sure if this is the right forum(amplifier forum) to ask but our customer have a concern below:

Looking for semiconductors associated with designing an analog 1x 6 composite video distribution amplifier. There are many video distribution amplifiers out there, but they usually include stereo audio which use up resources not necessary for my design. I am trying to find out more about the circuitry and transistors or chips that are appropriate for designing an amplifier that will provide unity r minimal gain of an NTSC composite video signal and provide 6 equal outputs of the input signal.

To be more precise, I have 20 compostie video cameras/ Each camera must be distributed to 5 to 6 destinations, I.E., video switchers, various display monitors, patchbays all with the same signal integrity. So 20 amplifiers are required, each with one video input and 6 equal outputs

To summarize: Customer is looking for transistors or chips in related circuitry to be used in an analog NTSC composite video circuit that will give unity gain from an existing NTSC Video source to up to 6 multiple identical outputs of that source otherwise known as a 1 x 6 NTSC video distribution amplifier. He have no need for digital application in this situation.

Do we have a TI device that could meet our customer requirements above? I have already asked this in interface forum but just want to check if we can get inputs from you.

I am not sure but it seems our customer is looking for something like this (device from other manufacturer):

I hope you can help us. Thank you so much.

Kind regards,

  • Hey Gerald, we did a lot of triple op amps that might work for you, look at the OPA3832. That one is internally fixed gain of 2 for matched line driving net gain of 1 to load. There are higher speed and non fixed gain versions like the OPA3691 or OPA3692. 

  • Hello Gerald,

      Yes, high speed amplifier group is the correct place for this type of application. Michael already gave really good suggestions. I will add a couple more below and here is an app note for NTSC composite video applications.

    • LMH6612 (closest to LT6206)
    • TLV3542
    • SN10503
    • OPA2673 / OPA2674
    • OPA4830
    • OPA4820
    • OPA2300 / OPA2301
    • LMH6601

      This is only just a few that would work, more options can be found at this filtered link. You can further filter this list by using the left column depending on other criteria the customer might be looking for such as: power supplies, package, distortion, output current, etc. 

    Thank you,


  • Hi Michael,

    Thank you so much for your help.

    Hi Sima,

    Thank you for providing more options and sharing an app note. I will initially tagged this as resolved and will just reply again if we need further help. 

    Kind regards,