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TLV3603: TLV3603 support

Part Number: TLV3603


   This is Allen Hu from Shenzhen China,I have a question about TLV3603,Please see the following shcematic for details.

Where is :

 -The range of AC_IN is DC 5.6V ~ 19V;

 -AC_DC_5V2 is 5.2V;

The circuit will monitor the input voltage of IN+ is greater than 0.4V or not. if YES,OUT will output "high"then pull-down"LE"and keep "high".

Could you please kindly help to review if the circuit is doable or not.if can not,How to improve it or which part is preferred.

Looking forward to your feedback/comfirmation.

Thanks so much

Allen Hu

  • Allen

    Thanks for your post on E2E.  I am a little confused how this circuit will work since you mention AC_IN (assume you meant AC_VIN) is not fixed (range of 5.6 to 19).  If you don't have a fixed reference to compare against, how will you monitor when IN+ is above 0.4V?  Seems better to divide down the VCC voltage to create your reference.  Sorry if I am not understanding clearly.  


  • Hi Chuck SIns,

      Thanks for your prompt feedback.

      The max voltage of VIN- is 19/61 = 0.311V;it means that OUT will be output high if VIN- > that correct?

    Please feel free to correct me if there is anything incorrect.



  • I mean VIN+ >=0.4V, sorry for the confusion.

  • Hi Allen,

    Thanks for the follow up. Yes, if AC_VIN is 19V, then the voltage seen at VIN- would be 0.311V so VIN+ would need to be greater than 0.311V to toggle it high.

    However, you mention AC_VIN could be 5.6V, which would be 0.0819V at VIN-, so VIN+ would only need to be greater than 0.0819V to toggle it high. 

    Whats the expected voltage for SHORT_DET1 or SHORT_DET2? or rather VIN+? Can it be other voltages besides 0.4V?

    As Chuck mentioned, it might be easier to use a fixed reference such as your AC_DC_5V2 and divide it down instead of using AC_VIN.

  • Allen

    we have not seen any new posts on this thread.  Do you have any additional questions?  Otherwise, we will assume this closed your questions.  Feel free to reply if additional help is needed.

    Thanks for your support of the Forum.


  • Hi Chuck,

    Sorry to reply late and thanks for your great support.

    YES,it has been fixed.

    Thanks again.


  • Thanks for the update Allen.  Please click "This is resolved".