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TL081: TL081IP and uA741CP

Part Number: TL081
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: UA741,


I am considering adopting TL081IP and uA741CP.
Please let me know the following information as it is not mentioned in the data sheet.
(2) When uA741CP is used at -20°C to 80°C, what are the characteristics that deviate from?
(4)Temperature coefficient of input offset(TYP,MAX)
(5)Offset Voltage Adjustable Rangey

thank you

  • Hello Kadoyama,

    For all three posts, why was PDIP package was selected? 

    1) See Absolute Maximum Ratings table's Operating junction temperature, TJ 150° and also see Thermal Information RθJA Junction-to-ambient thermal resistance. With ambient temperature known, absolute maximum power dissipation can be calculated. PDmax = (150C - Ta)/ RθJA

    2) uA741 is 0C to 70C device

    3) Vom in Electrical Characteristics tables mention 2k load and +/-10V so at least +/-5mA; 

    4) TL081 is 18uV/C typical, maximum wouldn't create 15mV of Vos; uA741 doesn't say, but 25C Vos is 6mV and temperature is 7.5mV max.

    5) I discourage using offset pins because no new devices use them, so they won't be available some day in future.

    6) Consumption is ICC * VCC(total)