INA2191: Filled Via Details

Part Number: INA2191

Hi Team,

We have planned to use this part INA2191A2IYBJR in our design.

As per the layout guidelines the filled via size is not mentioned in the datasheet.

Could you please share filled via details.

Thanks & Regards,


  • Hi Karthikeyan, 

    The vias are filled with non-conductive fill and planarized as noted in the fabrication notes: 

    As for the microvias, we used a 5mil via (with a 4 mil via hole size), so a 1 mil annular ring. 



  • Hi Mohamed,

    Thanks for your quick response. You are shared Filled via details for non-conductive. But we request this filled via details for conductive layer.

    Could you please share filled via details for conductive layer.

    Thanks & Regards,


  • Hi Karthi,

    The dimensions and fill of the microvias are the same throughout the board, it is only a two-layer PCB. 



  • Hi Mohamad,

    Could you please provide 4 layer filled via details. Because we are planned 4 layer board.

    Signal Layer, Ground layer power layer and Signal layers.

    Thanks & Regards,


  • Hey Karthi,

    If you are doing a four layer board, the details of the via for each layer is really dependent upon cost and manufacturing limits. Requirements for the microvias at enable pins (shown in datasheet layout) only need to be followed for the layer the INA2191 is being soldered onto.

    The simplest and cheapest options is to just make the dimensions of the via (the diameter and annular ring) and the fill the same thorough the board width.

    As for the fill, you could use a conductive fill, but this will add unnecessary cost will little benefit. The microvias need to be filled either way to avoid any leakage of solder into the via during assembly, although the PCB manufacturer should be able to provide a definitive answer on this probability. 

    I hope this helps. Please post back with any other questions or if we have not clarified the concern.