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xtr110 using with vp0808 mosfet

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im want to convert from 0-10v to 4-20ma.... using the setting from here .... what i got is not i 10v ...the current from drain is 15ma....i wanted 20ma precise|y..p|s advice   

  • here some measurement reading using fluke 789 processmeter... what the strange is..i cant read the drain current ampere using regular the excel...and datasheet of my mosfet.... vp08008l...

    my big problem is...where is my 20ma drain current when the input signal is at 10v.... thats why im given u this data..before this im have opened a thread...and it has been said my mosfet is faulty.i dont know whether its true or not..and i decided to buy it and now i got new one..which this type of mosfet will operate at +30v... pls advice VP0808-33638.pdf


    power source(v) 12v
    gate to source (v) drive gate (v) followed by 1-10v daq  drain current (ma) vref(pin 3)
    10.93v 1.334v on 10v input signal 15.410ma on 10v input signal 9.99v
    1.332v on 9v input signal 14.173ma on 9v input signal
    1.332v on 8v input signal 12.939ma on 8v input signal
    1.332v on 7v input signal 11.703ma on 7v input signal
    1.332v on 6v input signal 10.416ma on 6v input signal
    1.332v on 5v input signal 9.230ma on 5v input signal
    1.333v on 4v input signal 7.994ma on 4v input signal
    1.330v on 3v input signal 6.755ma on 3v input signal
    1.330v on 2v input signal 5.516ma on 2v input signal
    1.331v on 1v input signal 4.278ma on 1v input signal 
    1.346v on 0v input signal 3.039ma on 0v input signal
    power source (v)24v
    gate to source (v) drive gate (v) followed by 1-10v daq  drain current (ma) vref(pin3)
    20.88 1.334v on 10v input signal 15.374ma on 10v input signal 9.99v
    1.325v on 9v input signal 14.141ma on 9v input signal
    1.320v on 8v input signal 12.909ma on 8v input signal
    1.318v on 7v input signal 11.675ma on 7v input signal
    1.317v on 6v input signal 10.440ma on 6v input signal
    1.319v on 5v input signal 9.206ma on 5v input signal
    1.318v on 4v input signal 7.971ma on 4v input signal
    1.318v on 3v input signal 6.735ma on 3v input signal
    1.318v on 2v input signal 5.499ma on 2v input signal
    1.318v on 1v input signal 4.264ma on 1v input signal 
    1.318v on 0v input signal 1.0376ma on 0v input signal
  • Hello,

    Could you please share a schematic and PCB layout with your circuit connections shown?  The SPICE simulation file provides an ideal representation of the behavior of the XTR110.  If you've configured your circuit as shown in the SPICE model then it should behave the same.

    I'm most concerned with your statement "I can't measure the output current with a regular multi-meter".  Are you using the connecting the meter in series with the output current?  Make sure you're using the "Current Input" terminals of the meter.  Have you checked the fuse to make sure it's not blown?

    I'm not sure what you're reporting in the "Drive gate (V) followed by 1-10V daq" column.  Please explain.

  • 1)im using the same schematic ur using,.and interpret on my breadboard........

    2) ya.. i cant used it this is 400ma it should not have problem. ... and the reading at 10v input on daq is 2.5ma

    3)with this multimeter i can have the current measure....but it shown 15ma at my multimeter.with 10v input signa| ensure my connection in serial to measure the some drawing below

    4) using this daq...i will regulate 0v-10v .. and i measure at the pin 14 make sure the pin 14 volt is below 2v

  • Hello,

    What mode do you have the multimeter in when you're making measurements? 

    That said, it looks like you're testing the XTR110 in an environment that is very susceptible to ESD damage.  The paper, plastic ruler, coffee mug and lack of ESD mat on your workspace may have resulted in damage to the device or other components in the system. 

    I would suggest that you acquire new products, completely re-wire the circuit, and perform testing in an ESD safe environment. 


  • im using current.dont get wrong on my indicator set up on the multimeter..since the day one..i got this result .and no have esd damage sice the day one..ya im took some coffee..and have dilemma issue..this ic not cheap thou..if the ic is faulty..why the vref is precisely at 10v .also i had found an pdf that had an issue with this ic with ti reported it.not the outsider claimed found something weird on this ic....the output drain on mosfet had 15ma althought the vref is below 10v means that the ic is not in operation mode when i supply 5v power source besides 24.5v power supply,,  i dont want to buy the ic once more if it has same behavior from the first day i purchased it..its been 2 months already...

  • i already buy a new one xtr110kp.... still the drain got no amp...when there is no input triggered..gate voltage is at 0v... when the input is triggered at 1v..the gate voltage is at 1.125v. and when i back to 0v at the input...the gate voltage still at 1.125v...why this is happened? i measured my gate to source mosfet is at 23.38v which is lower than source 24.59v...pls handle with this ic with an twezzer....