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Thermal registance(ψjt) of OPA2132UA/2K5

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In customers of FACTORY Automation using OPA2132UA/2K5(SOIC) .He saids chip surface temperature seems to become hot.

He wants to estimate Tj temperature to use a device safely.

Therefore, please let me know ψjt,(Θjc) of a device OPA2132UA/2K5.


  • Hello K-hashi,

    The OPA2132 data sheet lists the θja as 150 °C/W. What isn't listed is the θjc which should be about 42.4 °C/W for the 8-pin SOIC package, which may be of use to you. You should be able to approximate the maximum die junction temperature (Tj), from Tj = Ta + (θja Pd). Be sure when considering the power dissipation to include the quiescent power and any power being dissipated in the OPA2132 outputs.

    Regards, Thomas

    PA - Linear Applications Engineering

  • Hello Thomas-san

    Thank you for your answer about θjc.
    Customer always check the top temperature of IC for the reliability.
    So we are better if we can know about ψjt.

    and I understood your advice for power dissipationd surely.
    Thanks again for your kind answer.

    Best Regards.
  • Hashimoto-san,

    The OPA2132UA was designed about 20 years ago before ψjt, the thermal resistance between Tj and TC (top), was being specified. Therefore, it was never determined for the OPA2132UA and we don't have its ψjt number.

    When I review newer JFET input, dual op amps that do have ψjt specified, the number listed is about 9 °C/W. ψjt is a function of die size, lead frame design, the pc board layout and other factors so the actual number could be somewhat different.

    Regards, Thomas

    PA - Linear Applications Engineering

  • Hello Thomas-san.

    Thank you for comment about ψjt .
    The comment was useful for us.
    And I understood there is no number of ψjt about OPA2312.

    Best Regards.