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LMV881 / about test condition

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Regarding Output Voltage Swing vs Load Current for LMV881, the datasheet page 9 and figure10, what is voltage for V- ?

In addition, customer would like to use the devices that have a low drop output at Io=50-60mA and small package like LMV881. Are there your recommended devices ?

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  • Hello Kato,

    The voltage for V- in figure10 located on page 9 of the datasheet is 0V.   As far as package size, the LMV881 has the smallest package size.  The next smallest package size given the specifications from the post is an SC70 package.  LMV861 has similar characteristics to LMV881, however, to provide a better answer I would need more specifications to narrow down what you are looking for.  Could you provide the following specifications?

    • Supply voltages
    • GBW
    • Slew rate
    • Offset voltage max
    • Quiescent current


    Errol Leon

    Precision Op Amp Applications

  • Hello Toshiyuki,

    Sorry, looks like the system is crunching the vertical scales again...Here is a snapshot from the old datasheet:

    The four lines are -40°C, 25°C, 85°C and 125°C.

    The supplies are single supply. The numbers are in reference to the associated rail (delta from the rail). For example, with a 10mA load, the output would drop about 170mV while sourcing.

    So 50mA at 25°C, the output sourcing would drop 800mV from V+ (3.3-0.8=2.5V) at room temp, and sinking would be about 750mV from V- (0.75V).

    I assume 3.3V supply? Have a look at the LM7321.

    What is the application? If the BW is below 50KHz, you may want to look at audio power amplifiers as they are designed for low impedance loads and good power dissipation (as well as thermal and load protection circuitry that op-amps generally do not have).