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[FAQ]High Speed Amplifier Application Notes

Other Parts Discussed in Thread: ADS5424, ADS8318, ADS8319, OPA656

Last updated:  08/04/2010

A list of TI publications related to high speed amplifiers and their applications can be found below. This list does not include all op amp-related application notes from TI nor does it include TI contributed articles in engineering trade magazines. For a more comprehensive list of op amp-related application notes available on the TI website, use the Technical Document Search. To find TI contributed articles, use the Contributed Articles Search.


  • Stability Analysis of Voltage Feedback Op Amps - sloa020
  • Noise Analysis for High Speed Op Amps - sboa066
  • Demystifying the Operational Transconductance Amplifier - sboa117
  • Using a decompensated op amp for improved performance - slyt174
  • Frequency response errors in voltage feedback op amps - slyt146
  • Making the Most of a Low-Power, High-Speed Operational Amplifier - sboa121
  • Designing for low distortion with high-speed op amps - slyt133
  • Calculating noise figure in op amps - slyt094
  • Importing a SPICE Netlist into TINA - slva424

Current Feedback Operational Amplifiers

  • Voltage Feedback vs. Current Feedback Op Amps - slva051
  • Current Feedback Amplifier Analysis and Compensation - sloa021
  • Current Feedback Amplifiers:  Review, Stability Analysis, and Applications - sboa081
  • Stabilizing Current-Feedback Amplifiers - sboa095
  • Expanding the usability of current-feedback amplifiers - slyt099
  • A Current Feedback Op-Amp Circuit Collection - sloa066

Layout and Passive Components

  • Effects of Parasitic Capacitance in Op Amp Circuits - sloa013
  • Reducing crosstalk of an op amp on a PCB - slyt190
  • PC Board Layout for Low Distortion High-Speed ADC Drivers - sbaa113
  • Measuring Board Parasitics in High-Speed Analog Design - sboa094
  • How (Not) To Decouple High-Speed Operational Amplifiers - sloa069

Filter Design

  • Analysis of the Sallen-Key Architecture - sloa024
  • Active Low-Pass Filter Design - sloa049
  • Active filters using current-feedback amplifiers - slyt081
  • RLC Filter Design for ADC Interface Applications - sbaa108
  • Filters for Data Transmission - sloa063

Transimpedance Amplifiers

  • Transimpedance Considerations for High-Speed Operational Amplifiers - sboa122
  • Compensate Transimpedance Amplifiers Intuitively - sboa055

Wireline Communication

  • Implementing a Variable-Length Cat5e Cable Equalizer - sboa125
  • A Numerical Solution to an Analog Problem - sboa124
  • Wireline Data Transmission and Reception - sboa123
  • A Powerline Communication Line Driver Requirement Overview - sboa120
  • Active output impedance for ADSL line drivers - slyt108
  • Filters for Data Transmission - sloa063
  • Large-Signal Specifications for High-Voltage Line Drivers - sboa126

ADC Input Drivers

  • Driving High-Speed ADCs:  Circuit Topologies and System-Level Parameters - slaa416
  • Fully differential amplifier design in high-speed data acquisition systems - slyt119
  • High-voltage Signal Conditioning for Differential ADCs - sboa096
  • Low-power, high-intercept interface to the ADS5424, 105-MSPS converter - slyt223
  • Low Power Input and Reference Driver Circuit for ADS8318 and ADS8319 - sboa118
  • PC Board Layout for Low Distortion High-Speed ADC Drivers - sbaa113

DAC Output Buffers

  • Design for a Wideband Differential Transimpedance DAC Output - sbaa150
  • Interfacing op amps to high-speed DACs
    • Part 1:  Current-sinking DACs - slyt342
    • Part 2:  Current-sourcing DACs - slyt360
    • Part 3:  Current-sourcing DACs simplified - slyt368
  • Wideband Complementary Current Output DAC to Single-Ended Interface: Improved Matching - sbaa135

Fully Differential Amplifiers

  • Fully Differential Amplifiers - sloa054
  • Analysis of fully differential amplifiers - slyt157
  • Input impedance matching with fully differential amplifiers - slyt310
  • Output impedance matching with fully differential amplifiers - slyt326
  • DC Output Errors in a Fully-Differential Amplifier - slva417
  • FDA Applications:  Line termination, driving high-speed ADCs, and differential transmission lines - slyt143
  • Fully differential amplifier design in high-speed data acquisition systems - slyt119
  • Using fully differential op amps as attenuators
    • Part 1 - Differential bipolar input signal - slyt336
    • Part 2 - Single-ended bipolar input signal - slyt341
    • Part 3 - Single-ended unipolar input signal - slyt359
  • A Differential Op-Amp Circuit Collection - sloa064
  • Differential Op Amp Single-Supply Design Techniques - sloa072
  • Filters for Data Transmission - sloa063

Analog Video Amplifiers

  • Measuring Differential Gain and Phase (includes Primer on Composite Video) - sloa040
  • Video Designs Using High-Speed Amplifiers - sloa057
  • Video switcher using high-speed op amps - slyt098