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INA111: 543765

Part Number: INA111
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Hi E2E forum I have a question

We are students in Gachon University, South Korea.i introduce our experiment. It is a vibration experiment using ultrosound piezo actuator which can increase the stroke.

Other conditions are Gain Max Voltage is 1000, Bandwidth at Min Gain is higer than 1MHz.

There are 21 kinds of products which satisfy the need. I wonder which product best fits for our experiment. Also I'd like to know the differences between the products. 

I have read the products and I think we can  choose INA111, this device is appropriate for our experiment??

If INA111 is not available in this experiment, plz recommend other device for us.

  • Hi,

    you need a gain of 1000 and your signal has a bandwidth of 1MHz?

  • yes we need  a gain of 1000 and our sign has a bandwidth of 1MHz

    INA111 is appropriate in our experiment?

    experiment needs changing stocks which can increase Voltage 1000


    If you have the other device which is better than INA111 in my experiment, plz recommend the other device.

  • Hi,

    is there a special reason why you have chosen an Instrumentation Amplifier and not a standard OPAmp? Can you show us a schematic of your planned circuit?

  • umm.. because we can`t find list of Gain Voltage in OPAmp...

    is it possible that OPAmp can receive the high Voltage(1000)?? and how can i see that information?

    and i have a big mistake..... all products are pcb package??..

  • Hi,

    yes, of course, OPAmps can also provide very high gains and very high bandwidths. The benefit of an Instrumentation Amplifier is more the superior common-mode rejection. Or by other words, Instrumentation Amplifiers are used when a very high common-mode rejection is desired, which isn't the major purpose in an usual ultrosound piezo actuator application, right?

    So, look for an OPAmp with a very high bandwidth. In your application a OPA353 could be used, example given, which is a OPAmp with a bandwidth of 44MHz. But there are even much faster OPAmps. By cascading several such amplifiers you can easily increase the overall gain. For instance, cascading three amplifiers with a gain of 10 each gives a total gain of 1000.

    You wrote: "all products are pcb package??"

    What do you mean by that?


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